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Beefmark provides the following management services leading up to flush date:

  • twice daily feeding

  • inducing heat and heat detection

  • palpating ovaries

  • administering all drugs

  • artificial insemination

  • any other necessary procedures

Beefmark is equipped with facilities to keep many animals in close proximity to the treatment area for synchronization treatments, oestrus detection and embryo transfer along with appropriate chutes, head catches and pens for sorting during a programme.

Beefmark will run your elite donor cows from 6 weeks prior to flush date. Two of these weeks are considered pre-program settle in time where donors are examined externally and internally, any cystic cows are treated, and they become familiar with their new environment before preparation feeding starts.

Beefmark considers diet management of donor cows to be paramount for a successful ET program. If necessary (during feed shortages), Donors are fed hay throughout their time at Beefmark to maintain condition and an upward plane of nutrition. In the 4 weeks prior to flush date, Donors are fed a protein controlled diet to ensure an optimal embryo harvest is attained.

Beefmark staff pride themselves on their accuracy in administering all superovulation drugs throughout the program to ensure best possible results. 

Our centre embryo technician Dr. Robert Pashen, or the qualified embryo tenchnician of your choice will arrive on flush date and be accommodated with our state of the art flushing and laboratory complex. 


Beefmark has licensed embryo collection facillities for domestic markets. We are currently in the process of becoming re-accredited for export embryo collection. 

Dr. Robert Pashen (BVSc, PhD, MRCVS) is our highly qualified and experienced Embryo Technician. Rob has worked on centre for 19 years, and is renowned for his impressive embryo recovery results, and care in embryo handling and freezing. 

Rob has more than twenty five years’ experience in the field collecting and transferring embryos domestically and internationally and is accredited by the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (DAFF) to collect and process embryos for export.

We are more than happy to facilitate any other technician of your choice at our centre!


Beefmark owns an array of fully maintained liquid nitrogen tanks which are available for the storage of embryos collected on centre and semen needed for the AI of your donor cows. 

We also provide storage for privately owned tanks which are regularly maintained alongside our own. 

For help with organising semen and embryo shipments to and from Beefmark, please contact us. 


If you would like to know anything more about Embryo Transfer, including advice on recipients please contact us.

We have been in the game for a long time, and if we can’t answer your questions we will know someone who can!

More information on Embryo Transfer can be found HERE.