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Welcome to Beefmark!

Beefmark has been operating for over 20 years with embryo collection results almost double the worldwide industry average.  The centre is owned and run by the Vivers family in Northern NSW.  We offer a lifetime of experience in the cattle industry and run Beefmark alongside our Eaglehawk Angus herd – so we understand your goals.

We provide services to prepare client’s donor cows for embryo collection.  Attention to detail is key – we administer all injections and provide a  well balanced protein controlled diet with a hand-mixed mineral supplement to optimise your embryo quality and quantity.  Basically we organise the whole lot – from beginning to flush.

Amongst our team we have expertise in the artificial breeding business, cattle nutrition, livestock management and embryology. We have access to highly esteemed embryo vets, who are organised to flush on centre every 6 weeks.

Each cow is treated as an individual and penned in small contemporary groups or singularly as required.

It is our mission to make a difference in the cattle industry one embryo at a time.



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Embryo Collection

Embryo Collection

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